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11 Jul 2017

Summer Arts & Crafts Ideas For Kids


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Posted By Colin W.

Summer crafts for preschoolers are a good way to keep them busy at the same time as improving their skills in a number of different areas. Here are a few summer-themed craft ideas for the little ones. Foam Visors This is one of the summer crafts for preschoolers that's both fun and practical! By helping your little ones create their own personalized visor, you'll also have useful protection from the sun when they're outside. To create the decorated foam visors, you'll need to start with plain colored craft foam visors. Then you'll need to buy some accessories depending on the design you want to use. You could turn your visor into a bunny head, in which case you'll need extra foam for the ears, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers, or you could change it into a cat, a dog, a bumblebee, a flower, the sun and so on. You'll also need some scissors, glue, googly eyes and maybe some pom poms for the fur. 4th Of July Crafts Why not set a theme around the 4th of July? You could help your little ones to create a simple American flag using red, white and blue card cut out in the appropriate shapes. Or you can help your kids make their own mini Uncle Sam hats using painted foam cups. These make great table decorations! Homemade Flowers Making flowers is one of the best summer crafts for preschoolers: they can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be. One of the easiest ideas is to make use of a section of an egg carton as the bell of a daffodil. Paint it yellow and attach petal-shaped cardboard around it for the petals. Then use a rolled up piece of green card as the stem. Or you could decorate coffee filters with markers and scrunch them up to look like flowers, or make mini flowers out of tissue paper. Bead Crafts Pony beads are a popular choice for summer crafts for preschoolers due to their bigger holes that make them easier for little people to handle. They're available in a huge range of colors and designs, and even novelty shapes, and won't cost much, which makes them perfect for a number of craft projects. Simply go online and find pony bead patters suitable for your child's age group - there are plenty of free ones to choose from.


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